Thank you for visiting my site. I feel honored whenever people allow me into their lives—especially when they don’t know me. One of my first priorities as a therapist is to create a collaborative, affirming environment in which we're able to engage in an open dialogue. My intention with this website is to begin the process of opening up a dialogue by introducing myself and answering questions about my practice.

As a therapist, I work primarily within the intersections between trauma, addiction and relationship challenges. I’ve chosen to focus on these three areas because the development of a problem in one area typically creates challenges in one or both of the others.

I have special training to effectively help people work through the challenges that are created within the intersections of trauma, addiction and relationships. This training coupled with clinical experience allows me to offer a unique, multi-disciplinary approach that addresses issues related to two or more of these areas simultaneously.

I’m an LGBTQQI affirming therapist and have over a decade of experience supporting people with diverse identities across the gender and sexual-orientation spectrums. If you have questions about my practice or any of the material on this site, please feel free to contact me here. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to provide you with an opportunity to find out more about my work.


Welcome to my practice

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