Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Does it ever feel like you’re leading a double life?

On the outside, everything might look perfect - with a successful career and a great relationship...

inside, it feels like everything's falling apart—and you might even fear you could lose everything because of depression, anxiety or some kind “secret behavior” associated with alcohol, drugs, food, sex or something else that feels “out of control.”

My name is Dario. I’m a licensed therapist and I help people reclaim control over their lives by:

  • Identifying the root causes of “challenging” or addictive behaviors
  • Processing underlying trauma that often leads to these behaviors
  • Creating a clear "Plan of Action" to move toward a better life
  • Rebuilding trust and connection with loved ones.

If you're tired of feeling out of control and you're ready to start moving in the direction of a more satisfying life, please contact me here or click on the button below to set up a free 30-minute consultation. I offer both individual and group counseling to provide support that works for you.

San Francisco Trauma and Addiction Counseling


When your world feels like it's falling apart...

I can help you

 find relief.

I'm committed to keeping my clients and community safe, while continuing to offer necessary mental health services. Until further notice, I will be conducting all appointments and services via video platform or telephone. Please let me know if you have any questions.